8 Week Pitching Development Program

The BCM Performance 8 Week Pitching Development Program is designed to help players ages 12-18 years old develop their hitting mechanics & mental approach as well as have a training regimen to work from.

​Program comes with 12 instructional videos as well as a downloadable Throwing Program (pdf) with drills and throwing stage progressions.

Players younger than 12 years old can still benefit from the mechanics and training drills, however, the mental approach discussed and throwing program distances may be advanced for players under 12 years of age. It is also advised that players under 12 years of age avoid throwing any curveballs.​

​Topics Include:

Week 1: Knee Lift, Collection & Tilt;

Week 2: Hand Separation & Stride

Week 3: Extension & Finish

Week 4: Fastball Grips, Movement & Speed Changes

Week 5: Changeup Grips & Throwing Technique

Week 6: Curveball Grips & Throwing Technique

Week 7: Controlling the Running Game

Week 8: Plate Management, Strategy & Mindset

Full Year Throwing Program (PDF) with upper and lower body pitching drills and video to accompany throwing program.

Bonus Proper upper and lower body pitching mechanics instructional video

NOTE: There is some static interference with the audio on a few of the weeks of this program. Text will pop up to help explain parts when there is heightened static interference.

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